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Gold Price in Malaysia: CIMB, Public Bank, Maybank, UOB

Gold price in Malaysia in Ringgit per gram (RM/g) is collected and tracked daily from local bank’s gold investment plan such as CIMB gold investment account, Public Bank gold investment account, Maybank gold investment account and UOB gold investment or saving account. The purpose to share this gold price history is mainly for those of you who are interested to buy gold in Malaysia either for investment or saving in local banks, maybe this will help you to decide which bank to invest with.

Bank’s gold price in Malaysia is available from each banker’s website which is very convenient for investors but unfortunately it only shows daily price as of today. Previous days gold rate are not displayed on all the bankers website. For that reason, we are collecting these price data as Malaysia bank’s gold price and presenting it in tables and charts daily. The gold price presented in the table consist of both bank’s selling and bank’s buying price of gold per gram. You will be able to find out the price difference comparing to the previous day/session in percentage, % rates. This will shows easily whether the gold price in Malaysia banks is moving up or down relatively.

Take note on the Spread. This is basically the difference of buy and sell price. It is important to know the spread of gold price offered by banks in Malaysia because this will determine the break-even of your investment. Lower spread will definitely easier to break-even. Spread in each and every bank are different, because the price offered by each bank is also different.

For new investors, you will need to compare and analyze using the price data and chart given here to select which bank to invest in. Take the lowest spreads of all, lowest Buy price and with highest Sell price per gram. The price of gold is just one of the factor you are considering during making the decision on which bank to select. There are also many other factors other than price, such as minimum purchase, transaction method and so on. Check this details of each bank at Malaysia Gold Investment Account – CIMB, Maybank, Public Bank.

Our Gold Price Malaysia chart is not a real-time updates at this moment, but it is updated once a day, at least.
This interactive chart is best view with Google Chrome browser. If chart does not displayed, try link to Gold Price Malaysia chart.

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Malaysia Banks Gold Price September 19, 2012