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About Kijang Emas, Malaysia Gold Bullion Coins

Emas Kijang Malaysia is the official and highest demand as national bullion gold coin of Malaysia. The bullion was proudly launched by Malaysia former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in 17th July, 2001. At the time of first issued, Emas Kijang had achieved another world ranking history of Malaysia as the 12th country in the world to have its own gold bullion coin.

Kijang Emas Malaysia

Kijang Emas is minted by Royal Mint of Malaysia which located at Bank Negara Malaysia in Shah Alam.  The national minted bullion coin has the highest and finest quality 24-karat (999.9) gold purity comparatively to other nation bullion such as American Gold Eagle and Canada Maple Leaf gold coin.

The denomination of Emas Kijang comes in 3 weight variety, ¼ oz, ½ oz and 1 oz of gold with the size of 22.0, 28.0 and 37.0 mm in size diameter. The face value of each are $50, $100 and $200. However, bullion are different from jewelry or any numismatic coin. The face value as currency appears in Emas Kijang is much below of its the worth as bullion. A one troy ounce (31.105 gram) of Kijang Emas with face value only $200 Malaysia Ringgit can be worth more than $5,000 Malaysian Ringgit considering the price of gold as per weight of the bullion (as of March2013).

Along with the heat of gold investment in Malaysia, many Emas Kijang buyers or collectors are certainly attracted to the unique and impressive design of these bullion coins. On the obverse of the coin shows the kijang in the jungle which is a barking deer in its natural habitat of  Malaysia. It also depicts the words BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA as the Malaysian central bank that issue the coins. You should also see the weight, the purity of gold which is 999.9 and the year of minting on the obverse of the Emas Kijang.

On the reverse side depicts the Malaysia national flower, hibiscus together with the denomination face value of the bullion coin. There is also a Jawi-Arabic script of words Bank Negara Malaysia.

Kijang Emas can be purchase through certain branches of Maybank, the appointed local bank in Malaysia. The official price of the bullion is available at Maybank website which is updated daily in accordance to gold price from central bank. Bank Negara Malaysia also provide the statistical price history of several years.

However, at most of time, Kijang Emas is out of stocks ever since its launched over decades ago. The only reason to describe this scenario is that demand is much higher than the supply. Many that have high interest of getting these bullion coins have no choice but to buy from reseller market. There will be some risk to take when dealing bullion in the reseller market that need to be aware of. Take note to look for trusted or recommended dealers only.

Kijang Emas Malaysia - full set

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